Welcome to Popsoc. Together we travel.

We are a bunch of avid travellers, with few travelling regrets, except for the trips we didn’t take. The missed Easter in Bali or the long weekend at the beach house because we couldn’t make a decision or somebody was left to book it all. Consensus was difficult to build at the best of times on where and when to travel, fellow travellers wouldn’t commit and when they did, someone was always left in the group to book it all. Sounds familiar?

They agreed a solution should be found, they agreed on Popsoc. A socially integrated mobile app to take the hassle out of planning and booking group travel with the ultimate vision of being the Swiss Army Knife of group travel.

We believe in travel experiences. We believe in sharing. We believe in friends and family. We believe this should be easy.

The app created with the above philosophy in mind. Travel with friends and or family no longer needs to be a hassle. With Popsoc’s simple and intuitive process deciding on your next adventure  is a breeze. Simply select up to 3 destinations and dates, invite your friends or family and voila. Everyone votes and the most preferred destination and date is chosen. You then have the ability to book your own flights and rooms or can share the load with your friends and family by messaging them through the trips message board.

This is just the beginning. We will be adding heaps of new features that we’re excited to share with you to book your next adventure.

Or if you’ve got a cool idea and want to see it in Popsoc send us a quick email travel@popsoc.com.  We’re always on the look out for new features to improve group travel.